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kids armour


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Kids Armour

Why Its Great >


“We discovered Ostomy Armour. Something that would protect his stoma and give him the security and  confidence to participate in one of the most physical sports there is....wrestling” 


Product Information:

Let your child live life… and love it!  Children’s Ostomy Armor is made specifically for toddlers and children.  Each armor is custom-made to fit even the smallest patient. ​


Is your child embarrassed to go to school, or hesitant to take part in sports?   Ostomy Armor can help!   Hold the barrier seal in place while protecting the stoma. Help your child regain their confidence by preventing leaks.  Suitable for children of all ages, with a waist size 25” or smaller. Children with a larger waist will be a good fit for our Heavy Duty or Titanium products. 

Product Features:

  • Titanium plated ostomy guard

  • Padded extra-comfort belt made from military grade ballistic nylon

  • Closed cell foam padding lined with non-slip material

  • Includes 1 x belt buckle slider

  • Optional upgrade to the Cobra belt buckle

  • Tailor made by hand to your specific requirements

  • 2 year warranty

Product Specifications:

  • Weight:- 0.8125 lbs

  • Available colours:- Black, Bright Blue, Coyote Brown, Green, Purple, Red, Tan

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