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dual armour


Ostomy Armor Dual Disclaimer: 

The Dual Ostomy Armor Belt is a strictly custom product, made to your specifications. We will work with you on fit and sizing to ensure a great fit. Due to the custom nature of this product, we do not accept any returns on this item. Please note that production of this item may take up to three weeks.

Please note:- By clicking here to purchase your product you will be redirected to our American website to make your purchase.

*Prices may vary depending on the exchange rate

Product Information:

Our new generation of Dual Armor for double stomas/double ostomies will protect both sides. It features two movable single plate units on a comfortable carrier so you can arrange the plates anywhere you need and still have great protection. 

Just like the the Titanium Max and the Heavy Duty Armor, the Dual Armor will protect your stomas/feeding tubes/catheters from bumps and pain, hold the barrier seal in place and prevent leaks. The comfortable, durable design will provide years of protection and support for your stomas, feeding tubes and catheters. 

The back of the Dual Armor features comfortable foam pads. The materials used are non-absorbent and easy to clean. 

Both sides of the Dual are fully customizable, so if one side is a urostomy needing thin foam and the other side is a larger stoma needing thicker foam and a wider cutout, this can be easily achieved. New! January 2019 Feeding tube/catheter option.  Prevent your tube or catheter from moving and granulating. Hold it comfortably in place with our feeding tube/catheter option.

Product Features:

  • Exclusive, custom made quality materials

  • Fully customisible to fit your individual needs

  • Fully supported and warrantied

  • Only available in Tan currently

  • 2 year warranty

Product Specifications:

  • Weight:- 0.15 lbs

  • Available colours:- Tan

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